Concertinas for Sale
All instruments are available to try at our workshop in Shropshire. Please come and visit, ask questions, make comparisons and find one that suits you. All these instruments are restored and fully checked right here!
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Fully restored and available now, all with steel reeds and at concert pitch unless otherwise indicated:
Wheatstone 72 key Aeola - Ref: E72W1
Eight sides, 10.5" across, made in 1913. Lowest note C (on right hand side) is two octaves below middle C (fabulous, rich bass notes!) to c# on left side which is just above normal treble top note (over five octaves in range). Middle C is on the right, so it is like an "extended treble/tenor" transposed down an octave but keeping the full treble range. A violin/viola/'cello range in one magnificent beast!

Nickel plated ends and buttons, gold coloured C buttons, air valve and wrist straps. It weighs just over 8lbs (3.64 kg).

Purchase cost and rebuild come to 5,000. It could be worth a fortune but can be yours for any offer over that! Part-exchange considered.

Wheatstone/Louis Lachenal - Ref: E48WLL1
Wheatstone/Louis Lachenal. It was made in the 1870s by Louis Lachenal but later fitted with steel reeds, Wheatstone ends, buttons, straps, 6-fold bellows etc. It has a good quick response but is not a loud 'session' box - would be ideal for song accompaniment. 1,700

Wheatstone - Ref: E48W2
An earlier Wheatstone with steel reeds, new 6-fold bellows, sweet sound, very quick, very pretty. 1,600

In stock, awaiting restoration - contact us for further details:

Wheatstone Mayfair (accordion reeds). Excellent beginner's model.
Wheatstone 56-key Aeola, ebony ends, 6-sided.
Early un-named 48-key treble, very unusual with black and red sharps and flats.
Nickolds bass, single action.
Fully restored and available now, all with steel reeds and at concert pitch unless otherwise indicated:
H. Crabb & Son - Ref: A31C1
31 key, C/G, wooden ends, Jeffries system, reed response as good as a Jeffries, excellent instrument. POA

H. Crabb & Son - Ref: A31C2
31 key, C/G, alloy ends and buttons, 1950s/60s, Wheatstone/Lachenal system, original case. An affordable and durable instrument with all the brightness of sound you'd expect from a handmade concertina, it would make a great session or Morris instrument. 2,300

John Crabb - Ref: A38C3
36 key plus whistle and squeak dating from 1902, 6 inches across. Loud and bright - on a par with most Jeffries. Crabb were top quality makers for over a century and this is the best Crabb I have owned so far! 4,500.

Lachenal - Ref: A30L1
30 key, C/G, rosewood ends, bone buttons, new bellows 1,800

We usually have several wooden ended, bone buttoned, 30/32 key Lachenals in stock

Lachenal - Ref: A40L2
40 key, C/G, early, solid rosewood ends, bone buttons, whistle and squeak. 1,900

Jones - Ref: A32J1
32 key, C/G with two drones, slightly larger instrument, wooden ends, metal buttons, gold tooling. Sweet sound, beautiful condition – a lovely concertina with original case. 1,600

In stock, awaiting restoration - contact us for further details:

H. Crabb, 8-sided 40 key Aeola, C/G, metal ends, 7-fold bellows, top of the range instrument.
Henry Harley, rectangular instrument
Lachenal, 32 key, rosewood ends
Lachenal, 32 key, metal ends (several available)
Lachenal piccolo (plays an octave higher), 30 key, C/G, rosewood ends, bone buttons, 5 inches across, original case
Lachenal piccolo (plays an octave higher), 32 key, C/G, metal ends, metal buttons, adjustable metal handbars, with original case. Amazing instrument – possibly unique?
Shakespeare, 31 key, metal ends
Shakespeare, Shakespeare, 38 key, C/G metal ends, bone buttons, Jeffries style
Shakespeare, 36 key, birds in fretwork, metal ends
Wheatstone, 30 key, C/G, wooden ends, plastic buttons, 5-fold bellows
Wheatstone Linota, 30 key, C/G, metal ends, 7-fold bellows
Un-named, 32 key, C/G, rosewood ends
Selection of English made and German made 20 key concertinas, various keys and sizes


Piano accordion, Hohner, 48 bass, 26 key, Student VM model (1950s), white pearl finish 390

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