Although we specialise in concertinas, we also provide a top-class repair and restoration service for all types of free-reed (metal reeded) instruments. Flutinas; button and piano accordions; melodeons; German concertinas; French lap organs; French, English and Indian harmoniums; American organs and many other variations. We are happy to undertake work for churches, institutions and so on. With all repairs, however large or small, we will always give a fixed-price quote (written if required) and valuation.
Our restoration services include tuning (usually including re-valving and valve-stop pins - priced per button or reed); bellows repair or replacement; gold tooling; French polishing and all woodwork / action repairs or replacement.
We can also supply virtually any part for any concertina. Pads, valves, springs, papers, straps and so on are usually available from stock. Direct or trade enquiries welcomed.

Visitors welcome by appointment, please feel free to ‘phone for any advice.

‘Before’ and ‘After’ views
of a full restoration of a Wheatstone /
Boyd English concertina
(Click on any image for a larger version)
Full restoration including gold tooled bellows on a T.Shakespeare Anglo
‘Before’ and ‘After’ views of a major repair to the raised end of a Lachenal edeophone
(Click on any image for a larger version)
New end for a
Jones Anglo
New end for a
Wheatstone Linota
New end for a Lachenal New Model Tenor
(raised end)
New 7-fold bellows on a
Lachenal 30-key Anglo
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