Our English Concertinas

Tenor English system concertina with wooden ends, brass fittings, black bellows and leather-covered finger-rests. 45 keys from “C” below middle “C”, 3 octaves and a tone, fully chromatic. Width 7” (178mm), weight 2lbs 12oz.

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Baritone English system, as Tenor but plays from 'G' (1½ octaves below middle 'C' ).
Transposes treble scale down one octave.
Both models also available with black ends.
Optional air key.

We have also made 32 key, 20 key, 18 key piccolo (transposes one octave up), and 43 key bass instruments.
Specials and one-off instruments to order

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Visit our YouTube channel A C Norman & Co - Concertina Makers for a selection of videos, new instruments from mini to Baritone to Bass, English and Anglo, and comparisons of various concertinas
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