'standard' with original ends

Anglo Concertinas
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“Standard” model 30-key Anglo 6.25" (156mm) in C/G (Lachenal or Jeffries type accidentals) and G/D. Black polished sides; black leather bellows; polished stainless ends, buttons and levers with a fully riveted action. Steel reeds mounted on a separate reedpan (with leather valves throughout) and tuned to A=440Hz. A bright, loud concertina with very quick response and probably the best value available.

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with 'Jeffries' style ends
Direct orders approximately 18-20 months delivery (may be available ex-stock from certain agents, please telephone for details). Options include: Jeffries pattern stainless ends; green leather bellows; extra folds; choice of bellows papers; left hand “drone”.
Other options (to order) are gold tooling; various coloured leather bellows; various veneers on sides / wooden ends; personalised designs; extra buttons; brass fittings; non-standard keys or pitches. If you have any queries or preferences please telephone and discuss. Direct or trade enquiries welcome.

32-key 'Standard'

32-key and 36-key Anglos are also available to the same specifications as either the ‘Standard’ or ‘Jubilee’ models.

“They are wonderful to play”
. Quote from John Kirkpatrick after playing the 36-key “Standard” and “Jubilee” models.

36-key 'Standard'


The “Jubilee” model. Mechanically similar to the “standard” but with Sapele veneered sides and ends, using a design inspired by an 11th century Norman church wall decoration. The bellows papers are colourfully decorated with designs and scenes taken from wall paintings in various 11th-13th century Norman churches in East and West Sussex.
Brass buttons, brass fittings, wooden ends with felt bushing. A richer, more mellow sound.
Jubilee bellows papers
  • The scroll pattern used comes from St. Michaels, Plumpton.
  • Adam, Eve, the winged serpent, diamond and cross designs come from St. Botolphs, Hardham.
  • Doom with Christ on a rainbow, St. Michael weighing souls and the fleur-de-lys pattern come from St. Denys, Rotherfield.
  • The Lion of St. Mark, the double axe pattern and the blue diamonds pattern come from Coombes.
  • The patterns around “Jubilee” come from West Chiltington.
  • The border pattern below “A. C. Norman & Co.” comes from Westmeston.
  • The scroll patterns on the end plates come from St. John the Baptist, Clayton and St. Michaels, Plumpton.

This model is also available, with stainless steel or brass buttons, with the ends, sides and bellows papers in black.

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'Black Jubilee'

36 key Jubilee also available

36 key Jubilee
available in black

40-key 'Jubilee'

39/40-key and 20-key double-reeded 'Jubilee' models 7" (178mm) across are also available.

20-key 'Jubilee'

19/20 key custom smaller 'Jubilee' or 'Black Jubilee' (shown) 4 7/8" (125mm) across.

13-key miniature 'Jubilee' or 'Black Jubilee' Anglo ( plus air key ) 4" (105mm) across (showing left and right ends)

'Baritone Jubilee'

Baritone Anglo 30 key, 'Jubilee' or 'Black Jubilee' options, 7" (178mm) across, C/G: PLAYS ONE OCTAVE LOWER THAN REGULAR C/G.

'Bass Black Jubilee'

Bass Anglo (30-key shown) 'Jubilee' or 'Black Jubilee' options. 7" (178mm) across, stretched hexagon. G/D: PLAYS 1 1/2 OCTAVES LOWER THAN REGULAR C/G (one full octave lower than regular G/D model). Various options possible, extra buttons etc.

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