Although we specialise in concertinas, we also provide a top-class repair and restoration service for all types of free-reed (metal reeded) instruments. Flutinas; button and piano accordions; melodeons; German concertinas; French lap organs; French, English and Indian harmoniums; American organs and many other variations. We are happy to undertake work for churches, institutions and so on. With all repairs, however large or small, we will always give a fixed-price quote (written if required) and valuation.
Our restoration services include tuning (usually including re-valving and valve-stop pins - priced per button or reed); bellows repair or replacement; gold tooling; French polishing and all woodwork / action repairs or replacement.
Visitors welcome by appointment, please feel free to ‘phone for any advice.

‘Before’ and ‘After’ views
of a full restoration of a Wheatstone /
Boyd English concertina
(Click on any image for a larger version)
Full restoration including gold tooled bellows on a T.Shakespeare Anglo
‘Before’ and ‘After’ views of a major repair to the raised end of a Lachenal edeophone
(Click on any image for a larger version)
New end for a
Jones Anglo
New end for a
Wheatstone Linota
New end for a Lachenal New Model Tenor
(raised end)
New 7-fold bellows on a
Lachenal 30-key Anglo
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